Avoid These 10 Mistakes in Your Profile


Miscalculation #1: Viewing Your Profile As a possible Afterthought Providing employers with an accurate profile is the initial step of getting hired. If your profile is lacking, employers don’t have a way of judging whether you’ve got the skills and experience they need. In fact, if you don’t include any services, you might as well […]

Creating the Perfect Profile Makeover Workshop Video on upwork

how to create perfect profile on upwork? if you don’t know? just watching this video, i think this video very helpfully for you.

How to Building a Freelancer Profile on upwork [Video Tutorial]

A professional profile highlights your best skills and experience and the services you offer so clients can determine if you are the best fit for their project. Here are some tips you can use to take your profile to the next level.

How can i get job on upwork 34 tips with pdf book


Also Before taking on a new project It’s great to be enthusiastic and passionate about your work. However, that doesn’t mean you should agree to (or submit proposals for) every project that comes your way. Be selective and focus on the projects you can perform well—and get done on time. Here are five more tips […]

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